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Akademikku Sukiru o Mi ni Tsukeru - Happyo Wa-kubukku

Acquiring Academic Skills - Listening and Presentation Workbook

Here is a workbook that not only covers Japanese words and expressions needed for presentations, but also features the overall techniques required, from the opening right up to the Q&A session at the end, for an effective presentation in Japanese. In part one, the basic practice section, the learner concentrates on his/her listening and note-taking skills. Through repeating memo taking and the presentations, the learner will advance in steps from understanding the content to confirming the expressions used in presentations. In part two, the listener will listen to expressions used in resumes and practice asking questions and giving answers. Exercises are provided in parallel in each chapter. The workbook (161 pages) comes with an additional booklet (Expressions & Script, 54 pages) and a CD.


¥ 4.250,00