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Maria to Ken no Isshoni Nihongo

Studying Japanese with Maria and Ken

Aimed at primary school children whose mother tongue is not Japanese but who are attending school in Japan, or young children learning Japanese in other countries, here is a text that will enable the child learner to understand elementary Japanese in a fast and enjoyable manner. The 16 activities have been selected based on how much they will appeal to children and include such subjects as ?Fusen Denwa? (Balloon Phone) ?Doraiaisu? (Dry Ice), ?Raketto Reisu? (Racquet Race) and ?Janken? (Paper, Scissors, Stone). Chinese characters taught up to the third grade in primary school have been used, all shown with their hiragana readings, and are widely spaced out to help with reading. A separate teacher?s booklet can be found at the back of the book. The book is structured to cover the four skills of reading, writing, listening and talking over 70 hours of instruction (each chapter should take between three and five hours). Note: This book is written in Japanese and is therefore for use by Japanese language teachers.


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