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Hajime no Ippo (English Edition)

Erster Schritt in Japanisch

An introductory/beginner's conversation text with CD-ROM. With its 15 everyday situations, this book allows the learner with little knowledge of Japanese to communicate effectively and immediately with Japanese people while gaining a foothold in the language. Romanized lettering is provided for those who cannot read hiragana or katakana (Japanese syllabaries), and only the most basic grammatical structures are covered. Everything in the book is translated and grammatical explanations are also provided in the same language (English, Portuguese, and Spanish versions are available). A strength of the book is in showing what to do or say when you do not understand or cannot hear what your Japanese counterpart is saying to you. The English version of Hajime no Ippo has now been reissued with a CD-ROM. The vocabulary presented each page has been rearranged, and an English index added for ease of use. The newly included CD-ROM has all the dialogues found on the cassette tape, plus role-plays and new practice exercises found only on the CD-ROM.


¥ 4.250,00