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Kiku Kangaeru Hanasu - Shokyu Nihongo Kaiwa

Hören, Denken Sprechen; Anfänger Konversation für ausländische Sutudenten, Lehrerhandbuch

Here is a beginner textbook that allows the learner to ponder 'What should I say in this situation?' and then to think for him/herself what he/she wants to say. With the aid of the illustrations and the accompanying CD, the learner can, in a step-by-step learning process, think about the situation he/she is in, and on that basis, use the expressions taught in the book. Composed of 21 chapters, each chapter focuses on an everyday situation that students will come across at college. To make it more user friendly for complete beginners, the instructions and vocabulary used are translated into English. The Teacher's Book gives hint on how to use the book in class, including actual examples of classroom usage and points to remember in each chapter. The book also includes student role-play cards, a list of the grammatical items presented in each chapter, and the script of what is on the CD. The CD comes with the main text.


¥ 3.750,00