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Chukyu e Iko - Nihongo no Bunkei to Hyogen 59

Getting to the Intermediate Level - 59 Japanese Sentence Patterns and Expressions

This edition was replaced in 2016 with "CHukyu e Iko Nihongo no Bunkei to hyogen 55 Dai 2- Han, 978-4-88319-728-6" which  you can also purchase at our store.

Aimed at those who have completed beginner-level study and wish to make a smooth transition to intermediate-level Japanese, this text, with its short reading passages and well-organized writing exercises, aims to improve the reading and writing skills of the learner, enabling him/her to make the transition from the beginner to the intermediate level. Each chapter has a translation of all new vocabulary as well as grammatical explanations in Chinese, English, and Korean. Comes with a CD.


¥ 4.000,00