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Kaiwa ni Chosen! Chukyu Zenki kara no Nihongo Rorupurei

Tackling Conversation: Lower Intermediate Japanese Role-Plays

A role-play book for those at the end of beginner-level Japanese. \\\\I\\'ve studied sentence patterns, but I still can\\'t use them well to communicate\\\\ is something we sometimes hear from learners of Japanese, and it is for these people that this book of role-plays has been made. Comprising 22 chapters covering such subjects as \\'Refusing an invitation from one\\'s teacher,\\' \\'Applying for a part-time job on the phone,\\' and \\'Practicing for an interview,\\' the text covers the many situations and scenarios the overseas student in Japan will come up against. Without having the teacher present the expressions required for the various situations in advance, the students from the beginning practice the role-plays by themselves, then change the scene and do the role-play again, thereby improving their usage of the relevant expressions as well as their communication ability. Through using the \\'Kizuki Sheets\\' at the front of the book, the class as a group can become aware of what type of language and expressions are necessary in the given situations. The book (146 pages) comes with a CD.


¥ 4.125,00