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Itsuka Dokode

Studying Japanese Naturally through Stories and Activities

Building on beginner level grammar, here is a textbook that aims to raise the Japanese communication ability of learners. Each chapter has a particular topic which is examined in two ways: in written language in the main reading section and in conversational language in the dialogue section. The whole book is made up of a slowly developing story, allowing the learner to enjoy the development of the story while learning Japanese naturally. The book also allows the learner to review difficult beginner level grammar, while also grasping and practicing new sentence patterns. With various activities, including role-plays and tasks requiring the use of the Internet, here is a text that will allow the learner at the end of the beginner stage to get a richer and firmer grip on his/her Japanese. The book (207 pages) comes with vocabulary translated into English, a teachers booklet (55 pages) and a CD.


¥ 4.250,00