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Topikku niyoru Nihongo Sogo Enshu - Jokyu yo Shiryoshu Dai 4 Han

Comprehensive Japanese Practice through Specific Topics - Reference Material - Fourth Edition

A collection of reference material and data to be used in conjunction with the long seller Topikku niyoru Nihongo Sogo Enshu - Tema Sagashi kara Happyo e - Jokyu. The book presents newspaper articles, graphs, charts, and other material for the five topics found in the main book.In this fourth edition, new data has been added and the volume of material increased. As it covers a great deal of many different types of topics, it not only can be used as a supplementary text for Topikku niyoru Jokyu, but also on its own as a composition and/or speech material.


¥ 3.875,00