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Kiku Toreningu (Chokai・Chodokkai) Oyohen - Nihon Ryugaku Shiken Taio

Listening Training [Listening Comprehension and Listening while Reading Comprehension] for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students - Upper Intermediate

A book aimed at people at the upper intermediate to advanced levels, it not only assists with passing the Examination for Japanese University Admission, but also gives a great deal of practice in improving the learner's listening and listening while reading comprehension abilities.

As with the Lower Intermediate edition, Part 1 includes a section enabling the learner to differentiate between similar sounds as well as practice listening for four-character compound words, everday expressions, and words related to particular subjects. It also includes plentiful exercises enabling the learner to practice grasping the meaning of words, as well as identify words with related meanings. Part 2 provides listening strategies for dealing with the different types of questions found in the exam. Part 3 has practical questions in the actual examination.


¥ 4.250,00