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Nihongo Shokyu 1 Daichi - Kanji Gakushucho (English Edition)

Nihongo Shokyu 1 Daichi - Kanji Gakushucho (English Edition)

'Daichi' - Anfänger 1, Japanisch Kanji Übungsbuch

For learners who do not come from countries that use kanji (Chinese characters) in their writing, recognizing their shape or form is not easy, and therefore studying kanji characters and by extension kanji words is very difficult.

These books have taken the kanji to be studied and broken them down into their component parts, making them easier to recognize and comprehend, so that learners from non-kanji using countries can study kanji words more easily and effectively. These books are to be used with the Nihongo Shokyu Daichi Main Texts, and will be most effective under the guidance of an instructor.


¥ 3.125,00