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Tasuku de Manabu Nihongo Bijinesu Me-ru・Bijinesu Bunsho

Tasuku de Manabu Nihongo Bijinesu Me-ru・Bijinesu Bunsho

Task-Based Study of Business Mail and Business Writing in Japanese

Here is a textbook for the study of how to write business mail and business
documents for those wanting to work in Japanese companies or Japanese related companies overseas.
UNIT 1 Going to an exhibition Chap. 1 Information (within a company) Chap. 2
Information (between companies) Chap. 3 Thanking・Making a report
UNIT 2 Acknowledging an order Chap. 4 Sending a request Chap. 5 Requesting a delivery date extension Chap. 6 Inquiry (availability)
UNIT 3 Receiving a complaint Chap. 7 Inquiry (undelivered goods/insufficient quantity) Chap. 8 Internal meeting
UNIT 4 Holding a seminar Chap. 9 Making a request (for a seminar lecturer)
Chap. 10 Approval request
UNIT 5 Building up new customers Chap. 11 Minutes of a meeting
Chap. 12 Requesting an introduction
UNIT 6 Writing a report・letter of apology Chap. 13 Business trip report
Chap. 14 Letter of apology
This isn't merely a manual showing how to write specific types of mail and
documents, it aims at cultivating the learner's ability to think and write for
himself/herself, thereby helping new employees and those without
practical experience to have a soft-landing when entering employment at a
Japanese company.


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