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Hito o Ugokasu! Jissen Bijinesu Nihongo Kaiwa (Chukyu 1)

Hito o Ugokasu! Jissen Bijinesu Nihongo Kaiwa (Chukyu 1) (Practical Japanese Conversation for Business People [Intermediate 1])

Here is a text with the goal of teaching the learner how to smoothly
converse with people in business situations.

The aim of the book is to have the learner engage in smooth interaction
with others via the thorough practice of the conversations in the book, and
to that end, each chapter has the following sections: "Dialog," "Expressions," "Conversation Practice 1" and "Conversation Practice 2," which used together allow for progressive practice. Particularly in the conversation practice sections, in learning how to progress with a conversation in various situations, the learner can practice the conscious deployment of words and expressions, so he/she doesn’t just memorize the expressions but can connect them to his or her own situation.

Once the learner has completed this book, he/she can go onto the next
book in the series "Intermediate 2" (scheduled to be published next
summer) and then on to the "Advanced" text (previously published) to
truly polish his/her practical business conversational skills.

An App is also available for use with the book. For more information on the App, please click here.

The Teacher's Guide can be downloaded from our Website for free. For more information on this, please click here


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