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Hito o Ugokasu! Jissen Bijinesu Nihongo Kaiwa

Business Japanese Conversation

To be successful in business takes not only knowing correct Japanese, but also communicating in such a way that things proceed smoothly. This book concentrates on the advanced learner being able to learn through role-plays, specifically in frequently occurring business situations such as negotiations, dealing with complaints, resolving problems, interviews, presentations, etc., so that he/she can acquire the necessary expressions and skills for effective communication. Each chapter has five tasks. With Task 1, the learner comprehends the main points of the role-play, and then in Task 2 studies frequently occurring expressions. In Task 3 all the points studied are brought together as a whole and in Task 4 the role-play itself occurs. Finally, with Task 5 the whole chapter is evaluated. Here is a book for learners who are not satisfied with their current ability and want to acquire greater Japanese conversation skills for more active involvement in business. Hito o Ugokasu! (192 pages) comes with a supplementary volume (47 Pages) and a CD.


¥ 4.625,00