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The Casio EX-word XD-B Series is the successor to the popular XD-A Series. For 2011 Casio has chosen to redesign the casing and keyboard control layout, rounding off the previously angled edges and giving a new textured case to some of the models. On the keyboard, the individual navigation buttons have been replaced with a single intuitive circular control pad, with the same type control unit being integrated into the left speaker area giving a more symetrical appearance.

One of the most noticeable changes is the replacement of the LCD sub-panel with a full color back-lit Blanview® display. This new sub-panel enables more viewing options than the previous models such as displaying dictionary text while viewing a full color image on the main display.

Search functions also have been improved, with the inclusion of "search from image" and multiple keywords search for some content.

Main Features:

  • Total of 72 Contents
  • Dual Full Color Blanview® Touch Panel Displays
  • EX-Voice with over 69,000 Japanese words pronounced by a native speaker
  • Color Memo/markup functions
  • Multi-search functions
  • 1000 words history
  • Motion sensor for book-style reading
  • 100MB Internal Memory
  • microSD Expansion slot
  • Up to 130 hours of usage on 2 AA batteries.

Japanese contents

  • Digital Daijisen (Shogakukan) - Approx. 242000 Entries
  • Meikyo Japanese Dictionary (Taishukan Shoten) - Approx. 70000 Entries
  • Shin Kangorin Dictionary (Taishukan Shoten) - Approx. 14353 Entries
  • NHK Japanese Pronunciation Accent Dictionary (NHK) - Approx. 69000 Entries
  • Japanese Colocation Dictionary (Gakken) - Approx. 4000 Entries
  • Tsukaikata no Wakaru Ruigo Reikai Dictionary (Shogakukan) - Approx. 6000 Entries
  • Modern Katakana Dictionary (Obunsha) - Approx. 14200 Entries
  • Meikyo Proverb Usage Dictionary (Taishukan Shoten) - Approx. 4055 Entries
  • Taishukan Four-Character Idiom Dictionary (Taishukan Shoten) - Approx. 2653 Entries
  • Kaigyoso Stroke Order Dictionary - Approx. 1945+ Entries

English contents

  • Genius English-Japanese Dictionary (Taishukan) - Approx. 255,000 Entries
  • Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (8th Edition) (Oxford) - Approx. 184,500 Entries
  • Progressive JA-EN Dictionary (3rd Edition) (Shogakukan) - Approx. 90,000 Entries
  • English Thesaurus (Taishukan Shoten) - Approx. 21,000 Entries
  • Katakana JA-EN Spelling Dictionary (Kenkyusha) - Approx. 67,000 Entries

Spanish contents

  • Diccionario Del Espanol Moderno (Revised Ed.) (Hakusuisha) - Approx. 46500 Entries
  • Diccionario JA-ES (Revised Ed.) (Hakusuisha) - Approx. 35000 Entries
  • Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Oxford) - Approx. 300000 Entries
  • Spanish Economics/Business Term Dictionary (Taishukan Shoten) - Approx. 10950 Entries


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