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Tadashiku Kakeru Katakanago Surasura 1-nichi 10-pun

Ten Minutes a Day Katakana Practice

A textbook to help the learner correctly remember and write the many foreign loan words (written in katakana) found in the Japanese language.

People acquainted with the English language tend to recall the English pronunciation of English loan words and use the same pronunciation in writing such words in katakana, which frequently results in error. This book tackles this problem, looking at the rules of how English loan words are written in Japanese, giving ample practice, and fostering a sense of how the words should be written in katakana.

The book also covers the rules related to such difficult forms as 'faa,' 'nyu-' and 'tte,' and as the learner listens to the Japanese pronunciation of the words, particularly in contrast with the pronunciation of the English original, the learner can firmly practice and grasp the pronunciation and writing of words in katakana.

Divided into ten-minute chapters, allowing for short daily study at home or in the classroom, this is an ideal book for those who do not find katakana words so easy to grasp.

Comes with a translation in English, Chinese and Korean as well as a CD.


¥ 2.000,00