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Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture Pre-Intermediate A2/B1

Marugoto A2/B1

Marugoto is a coursebook for adult learners of Japanese that is based on the JF Standard* for Japanese Language-Education. Learners at Pre-Intermediate level (A2/B1) can express themselves concerning a range of matters directly related to their backgrounds and daily lives. They can also discuss their personal interests, giving simple opinions and the reasons behind them. Based on the philosophy of “Japanese for mutual understanding," each topic features people from a variety of cultural backgrounds interacting in Japanese. Hints about cross-cultural understanding, such as in dialog content, photos, and illustrations, can be found throughout the book. Marugoto also places importance on audio input for language learning, with many classroom activities for listening to natural conversation. 

*JF Standard is based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). This CEFR scale makes the content of Marugoto easy to compare with other language resources.


Merits of Marugotoo

★Lush photos and illustrations to bring enjoyment to studying

★Plenty of audio resources to connect language input with output

★Portfolio system to manage your own learning progress


Recommended course length: 60 to 80 hours


Audio and other materials to be used together with Marugoto can be downloaded for free from website marugoto.org.


¥ 3.750,00