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Ryugakusei no Tame no Akademikku Japaniizu Chokai Jokyu

Ryugakusei no Tame no Akademikku Japaniizu Chokai Jokyu
(Academic Japanese Listening Comprehension for International Students - Advanced)

In conformity with the Japanese Language Center's Nihongo Standards for listening, this text is structered to cultivate the listening skills required for presentations and lectures at Japanese universities.

By doing practices that involve the student grasping a general outline of what is being said, summarizing the main points and answering, and writing summaries, the book is structured so that student learns, in a step-by-step manner, to grasp what the speaker is trying to say. The themes in the book, such as 畳 (tatami), 天神様 (Tenjin-sama), 茶の湯 (cha no do), ガラスの天井 (garasu no tenjo) , 防災教育 (bosai kyoiku), 丁重語 (teichogo), etc., have been selected for their relevance to Japanese society and culture and interest to international students. The length of the recorded pieces are longer than those found in the 中上級 (intermediate to advanced) book in the same series.

Apart from the recorded material on the CD, animated content is also available for download (see book for details)


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