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Chukyu o Manabo: Nihongo no Bunkei to Hyogen 82

Studying at the Intermediate Level: 82 Japanese Sentence Patterns and Expressions

Continuing on from Chukyu o Manabo (Studying at the Intermediate Level), a lower intermediate book, here is a book introducing 82 grammatical items needed for the former Levels 1 and 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

With the aim of developing the learner's abilities in the five areas of vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and conversation, the learner uses a dictionary to find the meaning of words to increase his/her vocabulary, listening comprehension practice via the included CD, reading comprehension practice through the various themes and styles of writing in the reading section, giving his/her own opinions in the writing practice sections, and finally, practice in giving his/her own opinions in class.

A red check sheet is also included to cover the furigana readings (in red) of kanji found in the text, enabling kanji reading practice.

Structure of the book: 1 chapters, 1 CD, red plastic check sheet
Study time: 12-15 hours
Explanations in English, Chinese and Korean


¥ 4.125