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Nihongo Bunpo Enshu (Jokyu): Joshi - 'wa' to 'ga, Fukugokaku Joshi, Torite Joshi nado

Japanese Grammar Practice [Advanced]: Particles - 'wa' and 'ga', Complex Case Particles, Adverbial Particles, etc.

The 'Nihongo Bunpo Enshu' series has been devised to help students understand and review advanced level Japanese grammar. This book in the series focuses on particles, particularly 'wa' and 'ga', complex case particles and adverbial particles, all of which even advanced students of Japanese can find difficult.

The book not only explains the grammar necessary for particle usage, but also assists the user in thinking of the relevant rules when using particles. First of all, via the given examples, the user becomes aware of problem areas related to the relevant particle. Next, he/she elicits the specific grammar rules and then confirms them while reading the examples. Finally, he/she practices using practical examples.


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